Major News Out Of The FBI – Trey Gowdy Has Done It!

The past couple of weeks, Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump’s alleged connections with Russia has collapsed when few members of the investigation team were exposed as Democrat operatives.Image result for Trey GowdyNow, South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy has something to say.

Fox News reported that the seven-hour interrogation of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe that was led by Trey Gowdy had many conflicts with the testimonies of the previous witnesses.

Because of this, Republicans from the House Intelligence Committee decided to issue new  decrees next week on DOJ and FBI.

McCabe told the committee that the FBI worked very hard in order to verify the contents of the Russian dossier and claimed that it was not forged.

When McCabe was pressed to identify what part of the document was the FBI trying to authenticate, he only cited the fact that Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had traveled to Moscow.

Besides that, McCabe didn’t said a thing, he didn’t even told what the bureau verified about the alleged meetings Page had in Moscow.

When he was asked when did he found out that Hillary Clinton founded the dossier, he said that he couldn’t recall, despite the documents with McCabe’s signature on them establishing his knowledge of this financing.Image result for Trey GowdyThis came after it was revealed that Peter Strzok, was fired from the case for exchanging many anti-Trump text messages with his mistress Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer who was on the case as well.

In the texts, Strzok and Page referred to Trump as an “idiot” and as a “loathsome human.”

Fox News also reported that Mueller investigator Jeannie Rhee used to represent ex-Obama helper Ben Rhodes and the Clinton Foundation. She is one of three attorneys who followed Mueller from WilmerHale, the firm he worked at before he became counsel.

While working at this firm, Rhee represented people who were involved in government investigations, including white-collar criminal probes and criminal and civil fraud matters.

In addition,  Wall Street Journal  confirmed that Mueller’s top deputy Andrew Weissmann attended the election party of  Hillary Clinton in New York City.  This was another fact that proves that Mueller’s team has a strong anti-Trump bigority.

To make things even worse, Judicial Watch recently published  emails  between Weissmann and former Attorney General Sally Yates’ where  Weissmann showed his pleasure towards Yates’s decision not to enforce Trump’s travel ban in January.Image result for Trey GowdyI am so proud. And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects,” Weissmann wrote to Yates on January 30.

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2 thoughts to “Major News Out Of The FBI – Trey Gowdy Has Done It!”

  1. About time the two sets of laws are being done away with
    If any Anerucan citizens did what ob ,HC Gc. And others have done we would of been in jail. Just like that poor service men.

    1. Please the drink the Swamp. These people are stealing our money. Find the money of the senators who used our money to pay of sexual harassment charges. We don’t pay personal bills for disgusting actions. Check our SSI to see how much was taken of our money. They are all . Traitors, Hypocrites And Theives. We on SSI buy food at dollar stores we can’t shop like they do buying expensive things on our money. Support Americans NOT ILLEGALS WHO ARE CRIMINALS FOR SNEAKING INTO OUR COUNTY.THEY GET MORE HELP THEN OUR VETS aND SENIORS WHO MADE THIS Country GREAT.

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