BREAKING NEWS! She STOLE $800k From Children’s Programs! ROT IN HELL DIRTY DEM!!

The Democratic National Convention has once again found a shining light of morality to run in the 2018 election when they found Shaun Brown of Virginia. The Congressional hopeful wants to take her brand of justice to a national level, and even after several failed attempts, she’s not giving up yet. Tenacity isn’t a reason for the mistrust of the American people, stealing money from children is.Image result for breaking newsWhile she vehemently maintains her innocence, Brown is up to her eyeballs in legal trouble as she faces federal charges for embezzling just north of $800k by monkeying with the number of children that were being fed. Breitbart News reports that the way this scam worked so well is that her charity informed the government of how many children they were supposedly feeding (which turns out to be a lot more than they were actually feeding) and they got some government reimbursements for their good deeds. Brown then pocketed the extra dough:

“A Democratic congressional candidate in Virginia has been indicted on charges of fraud, embezzlement, and theft for allegedly stealing government funds from a school nutrition program in 2012.

Shaun Brown, 58, denied any wrongdoing during her first appearance in a Norfolk courtroom last week and said after the hearing that she intends to fight the charges.

Prosecutors said Brown fraudulently obtained $803,000 of government funds through her nonprofit organization, which participated in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Summer Food Service Program. The organization worked with the USDA Summer Food Service Program to provide meals to low-income children on school breaks.”

So to break this down for you, not only is she accused of stealing from children, she’s stealing food from low-income children, and the money that she’s stealing from them is taxpayer dollars that have been designated to make sure that children have hot meals when they need them.

The next time you’re listening to a liberal drone on about how the United States isn’t doing enough to support a really heart string tugging cause like hungry children (which we should, of course, all be worried about), maybe remind them that if we want the money to get where it’s supposed to be going, we should be doing more to put down corruption and then the money would go a lot further. Perhaps if our taxpayer dollars weren’t going to fund corrupt officials dream vacations, and more was going toward the actual approved beneficiaries, there wouldn’t be such a hunger or education problem.

“Brown allegedly got the money by filing fraudulent reimbursement claims with the Virginia Department of Health.

Prosecutors said Brown and other staff members of her nonprofit told employees to skew data, such as the number of meals provided to low-income children, so the nonprofit could cash in on the extra reimbursements from the government, the Washington Post reported.

Brown chalked off the ‘irregularities’ in the data to problems with the program.

‘I want the irregularities corrected,’ she said. ‘I want to see the program improve.’

Brown and her mother, Jenever, who co-founded the nonprofit, filed a $10 million lawsuit against the USDA, the Virginia Department of Health, and others this month for allegedly discriminating against African-Americans, delaying payments, and falsifying reimbursements and claims.

Brown ran against Rep. Scott W. Taylor (R-VA) for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District in 2016, but she lost to Taylor by 23 points.

Brown announced in July that she intends to launch another congressional bid for that seat in 2018.”

One of the saddest parts is that Brown is still planning to run. Even if she were completely innocent (which seems doubtful, at best) she should care enough about the reputation of her party to remover herself from the running. Unless of course all of this is selfishly motivated, in which case she should keep on squeezing the American people and the DNC for all that she can get out of them.

If you’re still unconvinced about whether or not Brown should be running for dog catcher, much less Congress, here are more details about her case from the Daily Press:

“The indictment alleges that Brown and others with JOBS Community Outreach Development Corp. filed fraudulent claims with the Summer Food Service Program in 2012, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia said.

Brown, meanwhile, has gone to court herself, accusing the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the state Department of Health and several officials of discriminating against her and the organization she co-founded with her mother, Jenever Brown, which ran the summer feeding program for children.

‘This is about making sure there are no hungry children in Hampton Roads,’ she said.

She is again seeking the Democratic nomination for the 2018 race.

The indictment says that Brown directed JOBS staff to inflate the number of children actually fed and to falsify documents in order to obtain additional money, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

She has been charged with wire fraud and theft of government property, and faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison if convicted.

‘We will vigorously defend. She maintains her innocence,’ said her attorney, Jimmy Ellenson.

He said there’s been ‘a longstanding dispute between her and the feds about this whole thing,’ adding that the timing of the criminal complaint seems unusual, given Brown’s own recent lawsuit.

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