It’s happening, folks! California might be on the path of being great again. They’ve been hoarding illegal immigrants for ages, and it could all come to a close sooner than we think. Gov. Jerry Brown and his liberal Democratic leadership have placed public safety in harm for way too long. Every time an illegal immigrant criminal is protected under sanctuary status, the people are then placed in danger.Image result for BREAKING!!! CALIFORNIA Gov To Be PROSECUTED! California is like an apartment building overcrowded with illegal immigrant criminals and Hollywood’s sexual predators. Almost sounds like a prison, right? Throw in a few wildfires, and you’ve got a crazy movie that could write itself! Too bad it seems like the California government already wrote the script. Now things are changing. Now Gov. Jerry Brown is facing prosecution and a force that can’t be reckoned with. If he has any morals or sense left, then he’ll make things right by cooperating with federal law and eliminating every sanctuary status that lingers in California and making the streets less safe for everyday Americans.

California’s Governor is about to get a knock on the door from Thomas Homan, the current Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director. Homan straight up said that California “better hold on tight” the moment Brown allowed the sanctuary state law to happen. The point was made that the sanctuary city status might protect the criminals as they illegally creep around our beloved American cities looking for another victim, but ICE has plans to snatch them from their hideaways and send them packing. It’s time for the law to be followed, not turned into a joke, and Americans deserve safety from harbored criminals who came to America illegally.

Fox News reports:
“Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan said California “better hold on tight” after its liberal Democratic governor allowed a sanctuary state law to take effect this week.

Neil Cavuto said that Gov. Jerry Brown claimed the law will protect illegal immigrants living quietly in the shadows of society from law enforcement intent on “yanking them out of there.”

“I think it’s terrible,” Homan said, adding that Brown’s action put politics in front of public safety.”Image result for BREAKING!!! CALIFORNIA Gov To Be PROSECUTED!If Gov. Brown thinks he can protect all the illegal immigrant criminals and that’s good for Americans, then he’s wrong. That’s not good for anyone except for those who break the law. Imagine living in a city crawling with illegal immigrant criminals lurking by the wayside, just waiting for the next victim to be at their mercy. Some of the illegal immigrant criminals are involved in sexually related crimes that often have children as victims. Is that who Democrats like Gov. Brown wish to protect? Those types of violent illegal immigrant criminals should be the first people deported.

Fox News continues:
“There’s no sanctuary from law enforcement,” he said. “California better hold on tight – they’re about to see a lot more deportation officers. If politicians don’t protect their communities then ICE will.”

Homan said illegal alien smuggling organizations will use the California law as a “selling point” and that Brown “bit off a lot more than he can chew.”

Homan said that Brown and other sanctuary-jurisdiction leaders may have violated 8 U.S. Code § 1324 – relating to “harboring certain aliens.”

He said he hopes the Justice Department will look into whether officials can be criminally charged under the statute.

According to text of the federal law cited by Homan, any person “knowing… the fact that an alien has come to… the United States in violation of the law, conceals, harbors or shields from detection… such [an] alien in any place” can face fines and/or up to several years in prison.”

Homan essentially suggests that Gov. Brown’s activity could lead him to prosecution. If liberal Democrat leader Gov. Brown is prosecuted and removed from office, then ICE could do their work without facing any pushback from those who wish to harbor illegal alien criminals.

America has enough of its criminals, so why would anyone wish to contain more in their country? This is the same Gov. Brown who made it possible for people to infect others with HIV purposely and it’s no longer a felony.I believe Governor Brown is breaking the law, needs to be prosecuted, and the people of California will suffer significantly from him being in charge. The time has come for an actual change and to Make California Great Again.


  1. About time California comeback to God first, so California can be great again. I’m praying for Californians to come to their senses. To know what should be supported and what should be rejected… I want to see CA be saved…

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  3. If I harbor a criminal, it’s a sure thing I will have to go to prison for it, even if it was to be my own child. He’s harboring thousands of criminals!! Under the United States laws, is he somehow “better” than me????

  4. Jerry Brown and Democrats must be needing votes, they are willing to put USA citizens in jeopardy. BUILD THE WALL.

  5. Next they need to go for the Governor of Oregon, Oregon has been influxes with illegals and they need to be dealt with too

  6. Just like Hillary, he will be let go, with not even a slap on the wrist. Why are Californian’s allowing this SCUM BAG to allow criminals to run RAMPANT through the streets of CA? He and Pelosi, Waters and Frankinstein are among the elite CRIMINALS running that state. They are VIOLATING THEIR OATH OF OFFICE, to protect and defend the Constitution. This alone is justification to IMPEACH THEM. WHERE IS LAW AND ORDER?????????? RESEND EVERY LAW that these scum bags put into effect. None of their laws were sanctioned by the people of CA. These TRAITORS need to be charged with TREASON also. Give CA back to the documented Americans. If they claim that the people voted for these illegal laws, it is SAFE TO SAY that VOTER FRAUD IS A WAY OF LIFE IN CA. The DemoRats have been manipulating the vote for soo many years, it has become the norm there.

  7. What a sick pig! I’m surprised he didn’t add ISIS along with other groups to the sign as well. What happens if we aid and embed a harbored fugitive? Our asses go to jail too!! Remove this dirt bag, prosecute him, and put someone in his position with brain cells, preferably not another libtard, those minds think alike.

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