Barron Trump Gets What No other Child Has Ever Gotten In White House…

First son Barron Trump may become the first child of a president to have his painted portrait hung up in the White House.

In the unofficial portrait painted by artist Barry Wingard, President Donald Trump is seen hugging Barron Trump, now 11, at the Republican National Convention in July 2016, reports All That’s Fab.News of Barron Trump’s portrait quickly sparked controversy online.

Many found it inappropriate.

“Until this child shows that is somehow worthy of such recognition (aside from being a trump kid) his picture should NOT be hung in the White House,” wrote one person in All That’s Fab’s comments section. “Unless in his parents quarters. He has done nothing notable.”

Others defended the Trump family.

“Don’t most parents have pictures of their children on display in their homes?” wrote one person in reply to Newsiosity’s Facebook post about the incident. “Why should it be any different for the Trumps?”

“They were a gift to the president and his family,” added another. “It’s no one else’s business. Hang it while they live there then take with. It’s their’s. Grow up please and give it a rest.”

Wingard also painted portraits of the president and first lady Melania Trump to pay tribute to a president he believes is disrespected.“The lack of respect for the president has gone on a little too far,” Wingard said.

“I’m hoping to change the conversation,” he added, reports Tri-County Sunday. “It’s been so ugly lately,” said Wingard in July 2017, referring to the photo of comedian Kathy Griffin holding a model of Trump’s head.

“I’m not saying [Trump is] right on everything,” he continued. “We can talk policy without being ugly. At least, I hope we can.”

However, although Wingard voted for — and even painted — Trump, he insists he is not a particularly political person.

“For me to go into this realm is unfamiliar territory,” he said. “If I painted Mrs. [Hillary] Clinton or if I painted former President Barack Obama, I would never paint them in a way that was ugly. I don’t feel like that’s being American.”

Wingard painted President Trump sitting at his desk signing his first executive orders, while another portrait features the firs lady at the inauguration, wearing a powder blue suit.

After he finished the paintings, Wingard reached out to Republican Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania about gifting the portraits.

Kelly admitted it was unusual for unofficial paintings to be displayed on the White House walls. However, he was struck by the beauty of his constituents’ work and agreed to deliver them to the White House.

“This is a person taking their talent and their time to show their appreciation,” Kelly said.

29 thoughts to “Barron Trump Gets What No other Child Has Ever Gotten In White House…”

  1. I believe it is a great thing to have Barron in the picture. I’m sure The President and First Lady feel Barron supersedes all of their other accomplishments and they are right. God Bless the Trumps!

  2. This kid lives there for the time being. His parents are allowed to have photos and pictures hung on the wall of their family. Just bc liberals are anti family unit, anti Christian, Anti American values doesn’t mean the rest of out have to be. After 8 yrs of shaming America its wonderful to see a proud family who have commitment to making America 1st.

  3. this is a normal thing to do ,as dad & son should have their picture hung in their house, which just happens to be the white house.

  4. Look I have pictures of all my children and grand children all over my home and so should he. I’m not sure where it’s at but it’s the white house and it does belong to we the people and that includes the President and he is living in it now and if he wants a picture of himself with his child then he should have it.
    Why is it that when Hillary was stealing the dishes and other things from the white house there wasn’t anything said as loud as a picture of our president with his son.
    You people should be mad about what Obama and Hilliary has done and quit changing the subject to Trump that for once since Reagan is running this country the way it should be.

  5. Just because no other President thought of it it’s not allowed. After all the abuse this Presidents child has put up with he deserve it. I think it’s nice.

  6. Don’t worry about what others say President Trump. That child has been treated badly by some people since you have been in the White House. That’s your home.

  7. I agree ,the portrait was a gift . If the President wants to display it ….He most definitely can !! It is no one’s business. It is a Very nice Painting ,great likeness,Barron is America’s Sweetheart First Son . We love Barron ! #Trump #POTUS #MAGA #Magnificent #Melania #FLOTUS #Barron #America’s #First Son

  8. It’s a BEAUTIFUL portrait! Why not hang it where others can see it when visiting the White House? It is Barron’s house as well as every other American’s, and he is currently living there. It also shows that even though he’s a President for the next (hopefully) 8 yrs., Mr. Trump is forever a father.

  9. That child is deserving of any little thing he gets, it has too be stressful being in the public eye all the time. His picture can be taken down when his Dad leaves office in 8 yrs. it’s his home now.

  10. I think that the paintings a wonderful. There were paintings of Mrs. Lincoln and Tad Lincoln in the White House. It is a feeling of home for them to have the paintings. Our President will be in the White House for seven more years.

  11. “Unofficial portrait” – so what? – Since when can’t a man put a painting of he and his son in his own house? –

  12. I see NOTHING WRONG WITH BARRON’S Picture being Posted with his Dad! People are just plain STUPID, and we all know, YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!

  13. It’s just disgusting that you don’t allow an option to share this on FB or other forums. It is a deliberate attempt to our right to free speech. You should be ashamed!
    Simply said: Leftism: so good it has to be mandated!!!

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