All Hell Just Broke Loose After Sarah Sanders Slams Reporter Accusing Trump of Collusion

Maggie Haberman, Trump’s sometime favorite New York Times reporter – it depends if she prints the truth- rudely interrupted Sarah Huckabee Sanders today with a ridiculous question about Russia.Image result for NY Times Reporter Asks Sarah Sanders About Russian Collusion What She Said Next Made Hillary Cry Like A BabyRussia, Russia, Russia… the media certainly has a one track mind.

Now we all know Sarah Huckabee does not suffer fools, although that is basically her job description some days, and she looked Maggie straight in the eyes and she let her have it.

It was a beautiful thing to watch.

Maggie said, “President Trump has said there is no collusion with Russia can you define what he means by collusion.”

Sarah shot back with,

“Look I think the accusation was that he had help winning the election and that is simply not true.

The President won because he was the better candidate because he worked hard because he had a message that America actually cared about and believed in and came out and voted for him in historic fashion.Image result for Sarah+SandersThat is why he won it wasn’t because of some made up the hoax that has been created to delegitimize this president.

He was the best candidate at the right time that America wanted to see and that is why he is the oval office today.”

It is simple – Trump won because he was a better candidate and had a better message and Hillary was a terrible candidate with a bankrupt message. Why is this so hard to understand?

It hit me this week, around the time when Sarah Huckabee Sanders was blithely seconding Chief of Staff John Kelly’s Civil War revisionism, that I missed Sean Spicer.

I missed the panic in his eyes, which signaled a scintilla of awareness that he was peddling hooey. I missed the squeak in his voice, which suggested perhaps the tiniest smidgen of shame.

He never seemed to me entirely at home in his domicile of deception; she dwells without evident compunction in a gaudier fairyland of grander fictions. There’s no panic. No squeak. Just that repulsed expression, as if a foul odor had wafted in and she knew — just knew — that the culprit was CNN.

True, she hasn’t told a lie as tidy as Spicer’s ludicrousness about Donald Trump’s inauguration crowds. But her briefings are breathtaking — certainly this week’s were. For some 20 minutes every afternoon, down is up, paralysis is progress, enmity is harmony, stupid is smart, villain is victim, disgrace is honor, plutocracy is populism and Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia if anyone would summon the nerve to investigate her (because, you know, that never, ever happens). I watch and listen with sheer awe.Related imageWith despair, too, because Sanders doesn’t draw nearly the censure or ridicule that Spicer did, and the reason isn’t her. It’s us. More precisely, it’s what Trump and his presidency have done to us. Little more than nine months in, we’ve surrendered any expectation of honesty. We’re inured.

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